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Morning BrewBlogs. Blogs, blogs, blogs. Blogs are everywhere and everyone seems to have one. So, what have I decided to do? That’s right, I have decided to jump on the blog bandwagon! Put a blog on it! I honestly don’t know where this blog is going, or what my theme will be. I’m not a writer but I am a talker. So why not get all of my “talking” out of my system by writing. I hope you’ll stick with me through this blogging adventure and (between you and me) let’s hope my blog gets better with time! 😄

With that said, how about we talk coffee? ☕️ Coffee is good. Real good. I’m such a sucker for coffee and those foofy drinks, especially the holiday flavored ones! But when did coffee become such a trend? I don’t know where you live, but in my neck of the woods there are coffee shops everywhere! I’ve even seen shopping centers that have a coffee shop in one of the stores and then that same coffee shop (storefront) in that same shopping center! What’s up with that?! Have we become that lazy as a culture that we can’t just have one coffee shop per shopping center? Or is coffee really just that good? I remember growing up not even knowing what a Starbucks was or even a latte, a Frappuccino, a mocha, a whatever! I have to admit I still don’t know what all the different drinks are but when I go to a local coffee shop, yes, I pretend to be that person who is confident and knows exactly what I want to drink, or think I know… One time my hubby and I went to a coffee shop in town that wasn’t a Starbucks, so trying to be cool and a coffeenista (is that even a word??) I order a caramel macchiato. Yah. Let’s just say that when my drink was ready, it was not the caramel macchiato I was expecting. Oops! I think that’s why I’m such a creature of habit. Sticking to what I know, at least with coffee!

Lately I’ve been having my coffee at home, a cup a day with flavored creamer. Delish! It’s definitely not the same, but saving the $4.75 (give or take) is a plus! I like my coffee first thing in the morning too! I’m not one of those people who can drink coffee late in the afternoon, I’m a night owl as it is. Coffee (late in the day) + me = up. all. night. 😬 Plus coffee in the morning helps me get going and to not fall back asleep after my hubby leaves for work (another added bonus!) I grab my Bible and my coffee and start my day!

What about you? How do you start your day? Do you enjoy coffee as much as I do? What’s your favorite drink from your favorite coffee shop? Comment below and let me know what you think!

I’ll close with this (and maybe I’ll do this with every post?) a Bible verse from my morning study. Psalm 105:4 – Search for the Lord and for his strength; continually seek him. (New Living Translation) The Lord has strength and he wants us to seek him! So let’s grab our coffee and seek him today!

Blessings 💛 Sarah


4 thoughts on “Put A Blog On It

  1. I love me some blogs. You know this! So blog away! And if you take breaks from time to time, that’s fine too. I used to apologize all the time for only writing every few months but I’m not sorry anymore. I blog when I see fit! haha
    I love coffee too but am highly sensitive to the caffeine, like you. I do decaf so I can still get the yummy flavor without feeling like I’m on crack. I love french press coffee, drip coffee, iced coffee, hot coffee, vanilla or white chocolate flavored creamers, coffee ice cream and most recently, a plain, whole milk latte with one raw sugar!

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    • I’m so glad you checked out my blog Abbey! And thanks for answering all my coffee questions! 🙂 I’m glad to know I’m not alone with this coffee addiction! 😉 I hope you’ll keep reading and enjoy more posts to come!


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