I Just Want A Cupcake

Those Infamous CupcakesHave you ever found something that you really love and then all of a sudden it’s gone? And maybe not really love but just love, or really like? I feel like every time I find something that I love when I go back to get more it’s gone! Or once I get in the habit of having it, not even thinking they could possibly ever stop making this amazing thing, and then WHAM it’s gone!

I love sweets. Loooooooove them! If we did indeed have a physical sweet tooth, I would go down to the dentist and have it removed because I just love sweets that much! Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, brownies, candy…. Oh geez now I want something sweet!! 😁 When my hubby and I first moved we were so excited to be living near a big city! We had been living in a small town where the closest city (big city) was two hours away. So we were thrilled to now be only 20 minutes from a city! We explored, we found amazing restaurants, cool boutique shops, and to my surprise… cupcake stores! No, not a bakery, just a straight up store that sold cupcakes and cupcakes alone! I had never heard of such a place! And not just one cupcake store, but two, three, four, and more! Holy cupcake! I was in my own little sweet tooth dream world! So after having the daunting task of trying the cupcakes at all the different shops, we found one place that was just better than the rest! It became kind of our tradition to go there when we were in the city or even when we just felt like a cupcake, which was quite often! So for the next few years that was our place, our special little cupcake place. Then one day I saw a post from them on Facebook saying they were closing. Wait. I’m sorry what?! 😩 I know it’s just a cupcake but you have no idea how delicious and amazing and fantastic these cupcakes were (just look at that picture!!)! You would have had to try one to believe it, and now you can’t even do that because they have closed! Closed down, moved on, leaving me cupcake-less. Couldn’t they just make me a special supply of cupcakes weekly, or even monthly?? To this day, we have yet to find a cupcake that compares. Do you have a severe case of the sweet tooth like me? Or an amazing cupcake place in your town? Do you even like cupcakes or sweets? Comment and let me know!

The unfortunate thing with all this is for me, it’s not even just with cupcakes. I had a shampoo I loved that did amazing things for my crazy hair (yes I have crazy hair. Crazy 80’s poof wavy hair! If that style ever comes back (was it ever even a style? Hah!) I’m all set!) and then POW it was gone. There was a blush color that I loved using because it’s matched my skin so wonderfully and then BAM it was gone. A moisturizer that made my skin glow, a flavored tea that made my day so much better, a hilarious tv show that I always watched, gone, gone, GONE! Things we love (or really like) come and go and I often joke with my hubby that I should start buying things that are just “ok” so there will be no fear of them leaving! 😉 But there is one thing that remains and is so much more important than all those material things, and that is God’s love. God’s unchanging, unfailing love! Isaiah 54:10 reminds us of that – Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you. (NIV) It’s so nice, wonderful, comforting (etc!) to know that in this crazy ever changing world with our favorite things coming and going, God’s love is forever unfailing! Rest on that truth today!!

Blessings 💛 Sarah