I Want It My Way

VerucaI’m a sucker for infomercials. Boy am I ever! I see them from a mile away too! The cheesy acting, the over exaggeration of the product that “never works” which is exactly why you have to purchase theirs, or (my personal favorite) the call within the next three seconds to get this AMAZING deal, when we all know it wouldn’t matter when you’d call them, you’d still get that amazing deal! Hah! 😉 I have several things that I’ve been beyond sucked into buying. Most of which are workout products. I see these people who look amazing; perfectly toned, inches lost around their waste (which is my area in need of help!) all within a matter of days and with such ease too! Holy cow I need this!! And I need it NOW! I even laugh because sometimes the “before” pictures (which they always look so miserable in) don’t even look like the same person in the “after” pictures. And I’m sure Photoshop had nothing to do with their unfathomable results either! Even with knowing all this, I don’t care. I still get sucked in. Talk about one heck of a tactic on their end! So the product arrives within days (since you know I got the free upgraded shipping because I called within those next three seconds) and I do the work, or pretend to do the work, and feel let down when the apparent time frame for these incredible results is over. I’ve been bamboozled. Why did I fall for this?! Again?! 😁 I wanted it my way and I wanted it now. Like Veruca from Willy Wonka. I want it NOOOOW!

It’s not just infomercials either, we see advertisements everywhere! Products flashing before us making us think we need this or that in our lives. It amazes me too that even the things that aren’t the focal point for the commercial can still catch our eye and now make us want that thing we saw or even leave us with feelings of discontentment. The huge house that is perfectly decorated (and cleaned!) with brand spankin new kitchen appliances, cabinets and countertops, all to show a person (probably a very attractive and skinny one at that) eating the thing which they are actually advertising – a bowl of soup or even pizza rolls! All that for that?! Crazy, right?!

You might not be a sucker like me for infomercials, but I’m sure you can think of something in your life that you want, crave, or desire. Maybe it’s not a thing you can buy but something else – like love, a spouse, kiddos, that dream job, etc. There’s a verse I’ve been reflecting on for days and days because there is something in my life that I don’t have at the moment. A verse that I remind myself of quite often when I wonder why. Why I don’t have it now and when I start feeling a little Veruca-esque! Psalm 84:11 – For the Lord God is a sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. (KJV) Did you catch that? No good thing will he withhold. Not no thing, but no good thing. If the thing in your life you’re desiring is good for you then the Lord will not withhold it from you! How incredible and unbelievably gracious is that?! But then we read on and the last part says, them that walk uprightly. Welp. There it is, that must be why I don’t have what I want because I don’t walk uprightly. That’s what I thought the first time I had heard this verse. I am a wretched sinner who makes huge mistakes all the time and I’m probably the complete opposite of upright(ly)! So I did a little digging and what I came across was simply wondrous. The Hebrew word for uprightly is “tamiym”, which means: complete, whole, entire, sound. Then it clicked. Jesus. (It’s always about Jesus!) Jesus makes me complete, whole, entire, and sound which would then make me upright before the Lord. It is with Christ I am made upright and because of this and his indescribable grace and mercy, He will not withhold no good thing from me. I rest in knowing that even though I don’t always have what I want, if it is good for me, I would have it. It’s definitely a hard thing to remember in this world we live in with so much going on around us, but it’s the truth of the matter. Give it to God and rest on Him and His truthful promises!

Blessings 💛 Sarah


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