Interlude Of Gratitude

imagePsalm 118:29 – Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

Psalm 118. It begins and ends with the exact same – essentially – verse. Word for word it says the same thing, I love that. Twice in just one short chapter. I think when the bible repeats things, God wants us to sit up and take note. šŸ˜Š

Here’s my thankful five (again, in no particular order):

šŸ’› I’m thankful for coffee

šŸ’› I’m thankful for the rain

šŸ’› I’m thankful for good music – Abandon, Beta Radio, and Rend Collective have been on constant repeat these days

šŸ’› I’m thankful to have a refrigerator that’s filled with food

šŸ’› I’m oh so very thankful for God’s grace

Dont forget to join me along my “Week of Thanks” – Five things for seven days.

Blessings šŸ’› Sarah


4 thoughts on “Interlude Of Gratitude

  1. Got lost in the middle of my message to you. Any way I was saying that I wil be going to preach on the 30th…right after Thanksgiving. Guess what I’m talking about…Give Thanks….God told me to Speak on how we are first is to Give…as He gave so we are to do the same.
    In the beginning we were made in his image. So we are to imitate him . He set the example for us to follow..
    Then the 2nd part of the talk was to give Thanks. So wow! HERE YOU ARE..
    TALKING ABOUT MY SERMON..great mind think a like. I LOVE YOU…..and thankful you know and love the Lord too. Wish we could br together for the holiday. Love your thoughts and writings. .who knows you may be preaching too someday. Who knows what God has in store for us. You are sweet.

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    • I love how God works and when he does things like that! Our pastor likes to call them a God-incidence (like a coincidence, but we know it’s from the Lord!) You’ll have to let me know how your speech goes on the 30th! Thanks for your sweet comment! Love you very much!!


  2. I’m thankful for where I live!
    I’m thankful for my health
    I’m thankful for my family’s health
    I’m thankful for another gift of today
    I’m thankful for…. my new smart phone! (its smarter than me though) šŸ™‚

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