A Week Of Thanks

ThanksDay 3. The week before Thanksgiving, no better time to express what we’re thankful for. Join me along my “Week of Thanks” – Five things for seven days.

Here’s my thankful five (again, in no particular order)

πŸ’› I’m thankful for peppermint flavored things (mmmm hot cocoa!!)

πŸ’› I’m thankful for candles

πŸ’› I’m thankful for fuzzy blankets

πŸ’› I’m thankful for having access (freely) to fresh water

πŸ’› I’m thankful for knowing that no matter what I’m going through, God has me exactly where he wants me

Have a blessed Friday everyone!

Blessings πŸ’› Sarah


2 thoughts on “A Week Of Thanks

  1. I’m SO thankful for Fridays!
    I’m thankful for coffee!
    I’m thankful for the weekends!
    I’m thankful for dishwashers!
    I’m very thankful that God provides!

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