A Week Of Thanks

imageDay 4. Join me along my “Week of Thanks” – Five things for seven days.

Here’s my thankful five (as always, no particular order)

💛 I’m thankful for having clothes in my closet and shoes on my feet. Lord, help me not to take that for granted.

💛 I’m thankful Jesus took my (all of ours) place on the cross

💛 I’m thankful for puzzles

💛 I’m thankful for desserts (cake after dinner tonight!! Yum!)

💛 I’m thankful for successful crockpot dinners

Blessings 💛 Sarah


4 thoughts on “A Week Of Thanks

  1. Hello Sarah. Love you…love your sweet blog
    I will take on your challenge. . 5 things I sm thankful

    1. I am thankful I have grandpa. I would not want to live without him.
    2. I’m thankful there are family members that love me and care. Being forgotten is sad.
    3. I am thankful I am not sick. It is lonely and much time spent being poked..stabbed..afraid by some of these testings. Because of it I am more compassionate towards others knowing what they are facing.
    4. I am thankful for having God in my life and being so patient enough to love me in spite of myself. He loved me while on the cross and I was on his mind then and always.
    5 Lastly. .I am thankful that I lack for nothing..I have more than enough in this life..I am thankful that I have opportunities to share God’s love to others.

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    • Thanks for sharing grandma! Those are all such wonderful things to be thankful for! Love you so much! I’m glad you’re reading and enjoying the blog!! 💜💜


  2. I’m thankful for the weekends!
    I’m thankful for makeup!
    I’m thankful for my pets!
    I’m thankful for a day of rest.
    I am thankful that my clothes fit me!

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