A Week Of Thanks

HeartDay 6. Tomorrow is the last day, but it’s never too late to jump in my “Week of Thanks” – Five things for seven days.

Here’s my thankful five (as always, no particular order)

💛 I’m thankful for my hubby’s strong work ethic

💛 I’m thankful for my hubby’s immense patience

💛 I’m thankful for my hubby’s understanding, especially when I vent to him about (almost always, sad to say) the same things! He always listens and lovingly gives his honest advice, even if I (sometimes) don’t want to hear it

💛 I’m thankful for the band Abandon. They’ve been playing on my iPhone straight for quite sometime. Their lyrics are so moving and inspiring, encouraging and just awesome! Check them out if you love good music

💛 I’m thankful for warm cookies fresh from the oven, I could go for some of those right now. It’s one of those days…

I’m feeling very thankful for my husband today, if you couldn’t tell. Along this crazy journey in life there is no one I would rather go through it with than him. Especially now, going through a trying time, to have his love and support just makes me all the more thankful!

Blessings 💛 Sarah