A Week Of Thanks, Finale

Forever Day 7. It’s been quite a week and I hope you’ve enjoyed reflecting on things to be thankful for. Don’t forget that just because the challenge is over and Thanksgiving will soon come to pass, we can still be (and should be) thankful all year long! 💜 Gratitude really is the best attitude!

Here’s my final five (as always, no particular order)

💛 I’m thankful for board games; especially Apples to Apples

💛 I’m thankful for handwritten letters; I love getting snail mail and special notes

💛 I’m thankful for snow; it’s so beautiful

💛 I’m thankful for Godly role models and their positive influences

💛 I’m thankful for Boy Meets World; in my opinion the greatest show ever made! 😉

Blessings 💛 Sarah